Cold Nanopulsed Plasma

A world-unique patented technology

Plasma discharges convert methane into value-added products:

Hydrogen and solid CarbonThe process is known as Methane Plasmalysis.

Methane plasmalysis: Dissolving emissions, Powering progress

50 kgCO2
Process emission
Negative with biomethane

Methane plasmalysis dissociates the methane molecule into hydrogen and solid carbon without CO2 emissions. We remove solid carbon content at source and sell it ourselves as an industrial product, thus replacing current emissive carbon production. Hydrogen can totally or partially replace fossil gas as a feedstock in existing thermal processes, avoiding the CO2 emissions caused by its combustion, which account for 90% of fossil gas emissions. Plasmalysis generate a great impact directly on heat processes and indirectly thanks to the solid carbon valorization.


Sustainable Sparks: a disruptive approach to tackle the need of electrification

0 x
Less electricity
than water electrolysis

Our nanopulsed plasma discharges are under thermodynamic non-equilibrium, which means that the electrons are much more energetic than the gas itself: as a result, we dissociate the molecules at low (or controlled) temperature, avoiding heat losses, thus increasing the overall energy efficiency of the process (targeted 10kWh/kgH2). Our technology allows an efficient gas-electricity mix for territories where renewable electricity is scarce and (bio)methane available. 

Hydrogen anywhere, anytime: a modular and plug-and-play technology

0 tH2/day
Capacity per site
No bottom limit

The on-site unit produces hydrogen directly from your natural gas feedstock. On-site production bypasses the constraints and costs of transporting and storing hydrogen, which, coupled with low electricity consumption and the valorization of solid carbon, makes it competitive with carbonized industrial heat. Each production module can be parallelized and production can be stopped and restarted instantaneously to suit needs.